How to install motion sensor lights in the closet

Motion sensor lights are gaining popularity in modern home settings, so many people are now opting to have some sensor lights in the closet. You can now say bye-bye to the darkness in your closet and kitchen cabinets and opt for this modern home improvement idea.

With the correct lighting, your closets and cabinets will appear well-organized, and you will be able to easily see what you are looking for rather than tossing them aside because of poor visibility. That is why having lights in the closet is a superb idea.

This article explains the best sensor lights to get for your closets and kitchen cabinets and how well to install the motion sensor lights in the closets.

Why use motion sensor lights?

Using motion sensor lights is the best way to save energy because if you use normal lighting without sensors in closets, wardrobes, pantries, and kitchen cabinets, you can easily forget to turn them off. When you use motion sensor lights it means that the lights will simply go on whenever you need them and go off when you are not using the room or the area anymore. Motion sensor light is the best invention of time, which is why it is used in some of the home’s unattended points.

Closet lights

Installing lights in your closets may sound like a big task, but it is quite simple. The choice of which light to get for your closet depends entirely on your preference. For a walk-in closet or a wardrobe, you will need a light that covers the whole place and turns on every time the door opens. Here are some closet light fixture ideas you should try for your closet.

Closet lights can either be recessed or wall-mounted, this is entirely dependent on the layout of your closet. You can opt for a walk-in closet ceiling light or the hidden lights under the shelves of the wardrobe such as a LED closet light strip.

i.Battery-powered closet lights

The best solution for a closet that isn’t wired for electricity is battery-powered closet lights. Using this light fixture is very simple to install and in just a matter of minutes, you will have the lights you need everywhere within your closet including under your closet storage shelves. Getting homelife LED lights that use rechargeable batteries that can last up to 100,000 hours is a good choice for your closet.

ii.Wired-LED closet lights

If your closet is already wired for electricity then the best light fixture to use would be the wired-LED closet lights that are motion sensors.

Kitchen cabinets light

It would help if you light up your kitchen cabinets so that they appear well-organized and you can easily navigate through and access anything stored in the cabinets. All you need to do is t get under cabinet lighting. Getting the right lighting to match your kitchen cabinets is a key consideration.

LED lights are preferable for under kitchen under cabinets, which is why most lighting experts recommend LED lights. The good thing with LED lights is that they have a wide range of color rendering indexes; that is, they give the actual color of the objects compared to other lighting sources. LEDs are energy savers and definitely last longer than other normal fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. LED lights are dimmable; you can install a switch or use a remote to dim them.

i.Even lighting

You want to avoid creating nonuniformity of lights in the kitchen cabinets. With some areas having more lighting than others, it is important to install uniform lights in the kitchen for better visibility. If you choose to light under the cupboard, then be keen to choose a strip light bulb of the same length as the cupboard or cabinet to maintain uniformity.

ii.Consider the type of your countertop.

If your countertop is shiny or glossy, it will create glare and reflection compared to a matte countertop. The tip to working with shiny countertops is to fit a lens over the bulbs to disperse the light equally and avoid reflections and glare. If your countertops are of dark or dull colors, use higher-lumen bulbs to offer more lighting and compensate for the dark countertops.

iii.Mounted or recessed bulbs?

Your kitchen cabinets will determine the best way to fit your bulbs. If you have cabinets with trim, you can opt for surface bulb mounting, and they will still stay hidden. If your cabinets do not have a trim, you can use recessed lighting so the bulbs cannot be seen. The best one is to use the LED strip light ribbons or the miniature T5 fluorescent tubes.

When installing your kitchen under cabinets lights, these are some of the types of lighting you can opt for;

· Battery-powered lights

· Hardwired LED cabinet lights

· Plug-ins cabinet lighting

Hardwired-LED lights

Hardwiring requires the wiring to be fitted behind the plaster finishing during home remodeling or construction. This way the wiring cannot be easily exposed. With hardwiring, the lights are powered using the main electricity, and the wall switch is used as a control switch. Hardwired cabinet lighting requires an electrician since it involves a lot of wiring processes, but the finishing is seamless and perfect.

Battery operated cabinet lights

Battery-operated cabinet lights require no installation and wiring at all. You can easily install them by yourself. LED puck lights with remote control is a good example of battery-operated cabinet light that is a good option for countertop lighting and under cabinet lighting.

Plug-in cabinets lights

Plug-ins are commonly used in place of hardwired lighting since the main’s electricity also powers plug-ins. The difference between the two is that plug-ins are attached to the wall socket and show some exposed wiring. Lowe’s under-cabinet lighting are plug-ins you can easily use for lighting under the cabinets.


Introducing motion sensor lights to your cabinets, wardrobes, pantry, and kitchen cabinet is a classy move towards modern home improvement and remodeling. Lighting makes these places very organized, and you can easily navigate through and access anything you want without much strain. Motions sensor lights are power savers; therefore, you wouldn’t need to worry about consuming more power.

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