How Big should a Closet Light Be

Closet is the space of your home that you have to be in every day, so the lighting situation has to be on point to cater to your personal needs.

Your closet must be functional; whenever you open it should give you a positive vibe. A good closet light can help you in it. And to relieve you from the stress it’s not very difficult to do so. First, you have to do is, you have to understand your preferences. What are your needs from the closet light.

Fluorescent or LED bulbs which one to choose?

The most significant selling point of fluorescent bulbs it runs cool and is energy efficient. Also, it is popular among consumers who want affordable and long-lasting lighting in their closets. But one bummer of using a fluorescent bulb is its disposable system. You have to dispose of these at specific drop-off sites; for many, it can be a big hassle.

People who are willing to spend some extra cash can opt for LEDs. They are easy to use and gives a pleasant light that similar to incandescent bulb of the past.

Friendly tips!

Follow the building codes as they regulate lighting closets. Following all the regulations will save your place from a future fire hazard.

Wired vs Wireless closet lights

A Wireless option is a good alternative for those who want easy and hassle-free lighting in their closet. In a wireless option, there is no need to cut into ceilings and walls to install the closet light. You do not need any professional to do so. Also, wireless lighting makes future customization very easy. Wired options are for those who want more options and go for a more aesthetic look.

Size Chart for Closet Lights


Size (square feet)

Foot Candles

Brightness (lm)


(4feet – 6feet system)





(8feet system)





(!0feet system)




In LED lighting, to measure the brightness, we use lumens (lm). The formula to measure the brightness of a lightbulb –

Your room square footage x Your room foot-candle requirement (i.e. how bright a light is one-foot away from its source) = Needed lumens

How big your closet light totally depends on what is the size of your closet. Most people do not have the privilege of a walk-in closet. So their choice of closet lights is small in size, affordable and long-lasting.

Best Lighting for Small or Average Size Closets 

Small and average size closets for most people do have. So does the want for small size closet lights. These types of closets are a little tricky to work with as you have to use the small size carefully to set up the best possible lighting.

LED Strip Lighting

Strip lights are flexible cords of tiny LED lights. The best thing about these lights is their compact size great for small, dark spaces. They are easy to customize; you can cut them to your preferred length and add them above closet rods.

LED Puck Lights

Puck lights are small oval shaped LED light that focuses on directional lighting. It is used mostly to highlight a particular section. So if you want your jackets, shoes, or any other part of the closet to be highlighted, you can choose puck lights. Their accent light we’ll cast a spotlight on your favorite item.

LED Tape Lights

If you have a tight space or you don’t want a light hanging out from the ceiling of your closet, LED Tape Light can be a great option. LED tape lights cost very little but provide a great solution to lighting needs. The can be run along a door frame or above your closet shelving. Some LED tape lights come with remote controls as well. As it is LED it can last much longer than a fluorescent bulb.

Best Lighting Options for Large Walk-In Closets

Walk-In closets where you can explore different types of options that will illuminate your space to the fullest. You can get really creative with your closet space if you give proper thought to choosing your closet lights.

Recessed Lights

Recessed fixtures take up extremely little space because they are hardwired and installed directly into a ceiling, wall, or other surfaces. Because there is no chance of hitting the recessed lights when putting your clothing away, their quiet design is ideal for a normal closet or walk-in closet.

Friendly tips!

For wide coverage, install a series of smaller low-watt bulbs rather than a few high-powered ones, and make sure to space them equally across the ceiling for uniform illumination. Keep in mind that a minimum space of 6 inches must be maintained between the fixture and the garments being stored in order to comply with fire safety protocol.t

Track Lights

Track lights are mounted on a metal rail in a track lighting system. This allows you to completely customize the lighting in your closet to your liking. You may position the lights to highlight specific problem areas in your closet, such as gloomy areas, so you can distinguish navy and black differently at all times. Because larger closets often have adequate ceiling clearance to avoid a fire hazard, track lighting is commonly seen in walk-in closets that will use the 10-Foot Extra Hanging system, 10-Foot Extra Shelving system, or 11-Foot Extra Drawers system.

Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Chandeliers and pendant lights are works of art in and of themselves. With their playful yet refined appeal, these showpiece items look absolutely wonderful in any walk-in closet. They come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colors, allowing you to create a magnificent closet area. To maximize every inch of space in a normal closet that will accommodate the 8-Foot Traditional system, use a flush mount chandelier or pendant light.

Before you buy a closet light, the functionality should be your priority. If you buy a chandelier for a small closet, it won’t be functional no matter how pretty the chandelier is. You have to understand your space; only then you’ll be able to choose the right option.

Pretty and attractive closet lights are always loved. Flattering light looks great in a walk-in closet with mirrors. Direct overhead lighting casts unpleasant shadows, so ensure your lighting is appropriately positioned and, ideally, comes from more than one source to prevent seeming ghastly. Consider decorating a dresser in a large closet with a light for both utility and to make the room seem homey.


Ultimately a safer closet should be your end goal. Do good research on building regulations. Never go for options that are not aligned with the standards. If you go option that needs installation in the ceiling or in the shelves, do it with extreme caution. If you feel you won’t be able to do that, take the help of a professional. These are serious work, and you should always be careful.


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