What is the best type of under cabinet lighting for your home?

Under cabinet lighting not just complements your home’s aesthetic but also improves your workspace’s lighting.
Benefits of under cabinet lighting:

  • Instant on no warm-up time needed
  • Compared to incandescent light bulbs generates less heat
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Easy to install

Friendly tips for you!

LED lights are easy to install, and many low-voltage products can be installed without the help of a professional. Still to ensure the safety of you your space, we recommend you always consult with or use a professional whenever working with electrical installations.

We will help you choose the best one for your space from the hundreds of cabinet lights options. Before selecting a brand of LED lights, you should check for UL, ETL or QPS branding on the packaging of the products.
UL (Underwriter Laboratories)
ETL (Intertek)
QPS (Evaluation Services)
These marks ensure the consumer that under cabinet lighting has been tested and found in compliance with the safety standards. These listings might increase the price of the product but for the safety of your surroundings its all worth it. You can find these branding on the packaging of the product also, you can check the brand’s website to know about their certifications.

Types of under cabinet lights you can choose

You have to know your requirements in order to choose from the types of under cabinet lights. As every lighting has its own benefits. So according to your preference, you should take the decision.

LED Linear Lights: Most basic feature of an under cabinet lighting is to illuminate the workspace efficiently. In this regard, linear light is the best as it provides an even source of illumination, which offers the best task lighting for under cabinets.

It is effortless to install linear lights. You can easily link multiple fixtures or connect them side by side.

LED Puck Lights: The focal point of LED puck lights are beam spread. The large beam spread takes fewer lights to cover a given area. For optimal illumination, you should look for 60-120 degree beam spread.


  • Takes less light to cover an area
  • Creates fewer diode hot spots on countertops
  • Easy installation process
  • Surface mount

LED Strips Light: LED strip lights are the perfect choice when you want to highlight a particular spot. It can be a work of art or precious artifact. On the kitchen shelf, it also looks nice. Even though strip lights are considered an accent lights, they are a very popular choice for under cabinet lighting.  

The exclusive feature of these lights is the freedom of customization. You can cut the strip, and change the sizes also, its super easy stick any surface.

However, suppose strip lights are not utilized in conjunction with a diffuser cover. In that case, they might cause undesirable hotspot reflections on countertops.

Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lighting

If your kitchen does not have electrical outlets nearby, you can always go for a wireless option with the battery operated lights.

You can find battery operated puck lights, stick lights and even strip lights. The quality of these and the light output can easily compete with traditional LED lights.

  • Use either AA or AAA batteries
  • Use with puck lights or stick lights
  • Install with double sided tape or screws
  • You can get color changing LED lights

The most popular under-cabinet lighting options

After intense testing and research, we have narrowed down the choices of the most popular lighting options according to our valuable customers. We hope that from the lighting options mentioned below you can find your perfect choice that will not only cater your lighting needs but also compliment the look of your work space.

The best pick is:

ASOKO Plug-in LED Under Cabinet Lighting with 3 Colors Adjustable – 3 Pcs


Price: $32.9


The ASOKO Plug-in LED under-cabinet lighting kit is a durable and affordable lighting option for your kitchen, workspace, and home. It produces well above 1200 units of luminous flux that can easily illuminate your home spaces such as kitchens, workspaces, etc.

The product comes in three different colors (Warm white, Neutral white, and Daylight white), dimmable Led cabinet lighting bars, and it’s made from safe materials.

Some notable features of the ASOKO Plug-in LED under cabinet lighting are:

Easy installation – You can easily install the ASOKO Plug-in LED under cabinet LED bar light beneath your cabinet by screwing it into the cabinet with specific screws that come with the kit. Also, you can use the backing adhesive you can stick to the cabinet, which allows you to strap the bar light to your cabinet. These installers are in the kit.

Uses a dimmer switch – The ASOKO Plug-in LED lighting kit has a dimmer switch that allows you to increase the light intensity from 0-100 and vice versa. It makes it easier to control the amount of light that shines on your surface, depending on the task.

Dual power usage options – Users can choose from the two power cable options available for connecting the LED bar lights. One is to connect the AC adapter included in the kit to the under cabinet bar lights, then plug it into a power outlet. Another option is running a wire for the light bars into the home electrical system.

There are lots of other features in the ASOKO Plug-in LED under cabinet lighting.


  • Lightweight LED bars.
  • Affordable and durable for almost any consumer.
  • Uses a dimmer switch to control light intensity.
  • Comes with 3 pieces of 12 Inches Light Bars for better coverage.


  • Dimmer is not easy to operate and doesn’t dim completely.
  • The user manual doesn’t have enough information about how to use the product.

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Other recommendations for under-cabinet lighting include:

  1. ASOKO Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with Touch Switch, UNO PRO-TS Series(Cold White 6000K)

The product has a built-in blue light spot touch sensor that allows you to control the light. Also, it is dimmable with a memory function, making it easy to retain the last light settings.

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  1. Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting Plug in,Cool White 6000K,3 Pcs Linkable

Price: $29.99

The under cabinet lighting has 1140LM and 6000K cool white light, it is dimmable with memory function, and easy to assemble.

Battery Operated Under Cabinet lighting Option

ASOKO Wireless USB Rechargeable LED Closet Lights, 3 Color-changing,3000K/4500K/6000K 

For your wireless need this is the best solution. It is the perfect choice for the work space that does not have necessary cable outlets. The ASOKO Wireless USB Recharble LED closet light is affordable and the best part is it’s on sale right now. So grab the deal white it’s still on. The quality of this lighting is at the same level as the wired ones. In many aspects, it is better than regular LED lights.


  • Ultra High Brightness
  • Adjustable Color
  • USB C Fast Charging
  • Magnetic Adsorption Design & Easy Installation


  • You have to charge the lights
  • For frequent users charging the lights can become a hassle


We hope that you have understood the basics of under cabinet lighting and made your decision choosing the best option for your space. As our goal is to fulfil your desire and make your space illuminated.

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