Closet lights without wire: How to choose and install

The closet is an essential part of your bedroom or your entire house if you belong among the luckiest ones and have a walk-in closet that is. Thus, lighting your closet appropriately to help you choose your everyday or special occasions attire, is important because it saves you time and highlights your clothes better than your central room light. In addition, it adds more style to your room and gives a luxurious touch to it.

There are many ways to bring light into your wardrobe, but the most hassle-free, easy, and rather cheap one is doing it without wires. In this article, you will find out how you can achieve to level up your closet with more practicality and make it more atmospheric at the same time.

What are wireless closet lights?

As it is insinuated by the term itself, wireless closet lights can illuminate a space without needing any sort of cable power supply. In the market, many different alternatives of battery-operated closet lights exist and you can find a wide range of shapes, color options, and power capacities, depending on your needs and preferences.

However, led lights seem to have conquered the field and are steadily pioneering over the years making them therefore the best closet lighting you can choose. Let’s expand on this a little further.

What different types of wireless closet lights exist?

For the scope of this article, we will concentrate on led lighting without a wire. So, here are the main types of it:

1. Puck led closet lights
Puck lights are small round-shaped led closet light fixtures that have a more focused beam (which can come from either one or more tiny beam sources) and can be easily attached to a wide spectrum of surfaces. They are battery-powered closet lights and are extremely easy to install.
They come in warm or cold light and different color options and they can have an on/off button or a motion sensor instead which makes their use even easier.

2. Strip led wardrobe lights
Closet strip led lights, on the other hand, come in a flexible and easily adjustable cord with very small lights. They can best illuminate dark spaces of small acreage and can be cut in different lengths due to the cord’s flexibility to fit every given surface. They also come in different colors and if you don’t want to be bothered with switches you can choose motion sensor pantry lights.
They can ideally be placed above closet rods to highlight all the hanging clothes with just a simple move.

3. Led Tape closet lights
Probably the cheapest option regarding wireless closet lights. Their adhesive quality doesn’t cost them in brightness and makes them ideal to light the internal wardrobe spaces either by adding them along a door frame or above the selves.
You can find them as well in warm or cold hues and they can also be handled remotely with a remote control or have a sensor if you go for motion sensor pantry lights. One thing is sure though: their installment is a piece of cake!

What are the benefits of closet lights without a wire?

Choosing a wireless option can prove to be highly beneficial regarding your closet lighting solutions since you won’t get your clothes tangled up with cables and wires or deny valuable space from your selves and drawers.

In addition, you don’t get to have your ceilings and walls cut to install the needed led closet light fixtures (which counts more if you rent your residence) and you can more easily proceed to any further customization in the future.

What’s more, you can place automatic pantry lights all by yourself without hiring a professional and remove them at any time with minimal effort. Led lighting doesn’t generate much heat so your clothes and shoes won’t be harmed in any way and you can place them with no fear behind glass cabinet doors.

They are battery-powered and their batteries have a long duration. Other than that the light is very bright and equal to electricity-powered lights.    

What to consider before choosing wireless closet lights?

1. The number and position of the led pantry lights
First, you must decide how much cordless closet light you need and where. Do you want to highlight some specific spots in your closet or do you need all your content to be showered with beams of light?
You will have to take into account the size of your closet for that. Ordinary wardrobes can be fully covered with only small closet lighting but walk-in closets are a different thing and require more lights and maybe a well-thought-out plan.

2. The type and intensity of closet light fixtures
Then, you must choose the type and intensity of your automatic pantry lights. Do you like it warm or cold? Would you go for white color or are you bold enough to choose another color and add a more atmospheric aura to your space? If your space is dark even in the morning you can select some battery-operated wardrobe lights of high intensity for the morning and others of lower intensity for the night and use them alternately.
Led lighting’s brightness is measured in lumens (lm). You can use the following equation to discover your needed lumens for your battery closet lights: your room square footage x your room foot-candle requirement (that is how bright a light shines one foot away from its source). The product of this multiplication will give you the answer.

3. With a switch or a wardrobe light sensor?
One thing more to keep in mind is whether you want them to have an on/off button or you will go for motion-activated closet lights so you won’t have to worry about searching for that switch every time you are looking for something.
As mentioned above, some of the automatic closet lights can have remote control and so be handled from a distance.


If one space in your house needs to be functional and practical that is unquestionably your closet. Regardless if you have an ordinary or a walk-in closet highlighting specific spots of it using battery led closet lights, without making much fuss about it, won’t only offer you more practicality but will upgrade the style of the whole room with only 2-3 moves.

Therefore, installing cordless closet lights seems to be the most affordable, hassle-free, and energy-saving solution. And a stylish one at the same time. So, why not give it a try?

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