Do You Need an Electrician to Install A Motion Sensor Light

Motion sensor lights respond when they detect any motion in their range. They are used for a variety of purposes as flood lights, spotlights, and downlights and are used in areas like car parking, pathways, storage rooms, staircases, outside walls of houses, and in kitchens as kitchen-led strip lights. The installation of motion sensor lights is not much complicated but taking the assistance of a professional electrician is recommended to avoid any inconvenience.

In the modern age due to an increase in security concerns and a surge in technological advancement, the use of motion sensors has observed a huge surge. People now a day are using them in their houses, businesses, and storage rooms to make their work easier. The closet light with a sensor not only beautifies the environment but also reduces the wastage of energy as due to the motion sensor the light only operates when it detects any motion around it.

hardwire Under Cabinet Lighting

Closet Lights:

Motion sensor lights are now installed in the closets to enhance the ambiance and make things easier. The lights get ON when any motion is detected in the closet. The lights automatically turn off when no motion is detected for 15-30 seconds. Some lights are operated with remote control by using puck lights with a remote. The installation of these motion sensor closet lights becomes easier when the assistance of a professional electrician is taken.

Moreover, there are also instructions given in the manual of the motion sensor lights which can be followed for their installations. While hiring an electrician for the installation of motion sensor lights make sure that he offers the following services:

  • Post-installation assistance.
  • Repair any damage.
  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Licensed professional.
  • In-depth knowledge of motion sensor lights.
  • Experienced electrician.

Closet Light Fixtures:

The right selection of led closet light fixtures is very important for the successful installation of motion sensor lights. In the past, there was a trend of using bare bulbs in the sockets but now the trend has changed, and fully or partially exposed LED lamps or bulbs are not recommended in recent installations. There must be some housing or globe which can house the bulb and make it covered. Various brands are offering closet light fixtures and you can select any of them that satisfy your requirements.

Best Closet Lighting Ideas:

While installing any motion sensor closet light in your wardrobe, room or office you need to have a look at various closet lighting ideas to choose the best of them. Some of the best closet lighting ideas are listed below:

Sparkle City

 If you like to make the environment of your house Glitzy then this Sparkle City idea is best for you. The beauty of this lighting idea is enhanced when it is combined with a beautiful wallpapered ceiling. It is used in the closet and adds beauty to it.

Modern Moment

 Another beautiful lighting idea that beautifies the environment of your house features different modern patterns in different forms like a Leopard print rug, colorful clothing galore, and sleek light fixtures. This idea if used with the metallic fixture makes your closet modern and decent  

Pink Pep

 If you are searching for lighting ideas for your child’s room then pink Pep is the right choice for you as it adds fun to the room with its funky and pink-colored texture.

White and elegant lighting

 This type of lighting idea is mostly used in offices and businesses due to its decent and elite features. It provides you ample brightness for the convenience of your work and easily finds your documents in the closets with the help of under-counter lighting.

Amazing Disco

 If you love to make your room funky then go for this amazing disco light. People who do not like normal light fixtures are mostly interested in these disco ball lighting ideas. Moreover, this idea can also be used in boutiques and parlors under cabinet outlets to make the environment classy. There are various colors available in these disco lights and you can choose any of them according to your choice.

Sculpture Addition

 This lighting idea is a blessing for art lovers as they can satisfy the need of their artistic minds through these sculptures while doing their daily routine tasks. The display of sculptures in the closet or room of art lovers proves to be the food for their souls.

Can we install battery-operated closet lights?

If you are interested in installing battery operated closet light that features a rechargeable motion sensor then there are a variety of such lights. These lights do not need any electrical connection and depend on a battery for its operation. The only concern of these closet lights is the periodical change of batteries after their expiry. Some battery-operated closet lights are rechargeable. The motion sensor installed in these lights enhance is the life of their battery because the light only operates when it detects any motion and avoids any wastage of energy due to excessive use of light. When the light is fully charged it can brighten the atmosphere for almost 6 to 12 hours.

Some elements which must be considered while purchasing battery-operated closet lights are as follows.

  • Battery Size
  • Battery Life
  • Color Temperature
  • Lumen Count.


Motion sensor closet lights have become the need of today’s era as they not only enhance the ambiance of your office, room, or business but also contribute a lot to reducing the energy burden by avoiding the wastage of energy due to excessive use. The installation of these lights is very simple but it is recommended to take the assistance of a professional and experienced electrician as there are a lot of elements that need to be considered while installing the LED closet light. Moreover, there is a variety of closet lights like wireless closet lights, battery closet lights, closet lights with sensors, closet lights with pull chains, and automatic closet lights. The selection of any type of closet light depends on your needs and preferences,

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