What do you know about E26 bulbs?

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If you’re looking to purchase a new bulb, you may have come across the term “E26” – but you might be unsure as to what it means. Read on to find out!

What is an E26 bulb?🤔

The term E26 refers to a light bulb’s cap or base – the bulb component that allows for both electrical and mechanical contact. The letter “E” in E26 refers to Edison Screw, the most standard of lamp bases, while the numerical “26” refers to its diameter in millimeters (approximately 1 inch).

How to recognize an E26 bulbs?🧐

  • By looking at the bottom, or non-light emitting side of the bulb. If you see a metallic base with screw threads, approximately 1 inch in diameter, you most likely have an E26 bulb. 
  • Checking the printing on the bulb – along with the wattage and brightness, manufacturers will usually print “E26” to ensure they are safely used with appropriate lampholders.

What are the advantages of E26?😍

­E26 bulbs are some of the most common lamp types, meaning that finding an appropriate lampholder or fixture is typically quite straightforward. Additionally, installation is usually very straightforward, and requires no tools or assembly.

Where do I buy E26 bulbs?🛒

E26 bulbs are some of the most universally used lamp bases. However, in addition to the lamp base, however, it is important to decide whether to purchase an A-style lamp or a directional lamp.
E26 bulbs are available for purchase at your local hardware or electronic appliance store, or directly from our website (see E26 vintage bulbs or 4W Amber bulbs).
More Information
E26 bulbs are some of most widely used lamp bases in North America and Japan, and other countries that commonly use 120V AC.

Today, A19 LED lamps, BR LED lamps, PAR LED lamps frequently use E26 bases.



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