Tips to Choose and Install Under Cabinet Lighting for Countertops

There are multiple under cabinet lighting options that you can select from the market. The choice you make should improve your room’s overall look and feel. The lighting should bring out a unique element and special touch which can make a difference for your kitchen or any other room.

Tips for Choosing Under Cabinet Lighting for Countertop

Ideally, the kitchen counter lights help to improve the workability of your cooking space. It facilitates cooking tasks, reading recipe books, and chopping your vegetables. So it should be careful to choose your countertop light.

These types of lighting are installed underneath the cabinetry and help illuminate areas surrounding the cabinets. When deciding on the best lighting option for your space, it is imperative to consider the following factors:

1.The Placement Style and Available Space

Before investing in kitchen counter lights, it is essential to consider the available space. For example, if you want a seamless space, your lighting fixtures should be concealed behind the cabinets. Ensure you measure the space before making any purchases.

2.Power Options

The power options of the lighting fixtures tend to vary from battery-operated, direct-wire, and plug-in. It is imperative to note that the battery-powered lights will require frequent battery replacements. On the other hand, the direct-wire may needs to hire a professional electrician to help you install. And the plug-in needs a source of power nearby. The power options will depend on the one that works best for your space.

3.Types of Lighting Options

Several lighting options are available in the market, and you can select depending on the lighting effect you are looking for. Some of the best that you should consider include:

  • LED lights are modern and energy-efficient lighting options for under cabinet lighting. These lighting options are versatile as they have multiple brightness levels and color temperatures.
  • Incandescent lights-with this type, you can either purchase halogen or xenon bulbs. The xenon bulbs produce less heat, making them more energy-efficient. On the other hand, the halogen emits a lot of heat and will tend to consume more energy. What makes halogens outstanding is that they produce beautiful light and are dimmable.
  • Fluorescent lights-they are cool to touch and very efficient as they consume minimal electricity.
4. How Many Lumens is Ideal for Under Cabinet Lighting?

The brightness of a light bulb is measured in terms of lumens. When selecting the under cabinet lighting, it is paramount to choose fixtures that produce an average of 250 lumens per foot. Selecting the suitable lumen ensures that the lighting fixtures can provide enough light.

5. Suitable Color Temperature and Brightness

It is essential to consider your light fixtures’ color temperature and brightness. The color temperature you select should be influenced by your kitchen’s style and other colors available in the kitchen. In a nutshell, if your kitchen has warm colors, you should select warmer lighting. On the other hand, if the kitchen has cooler colors, ensure you choose cooler lighting.

Brightness is determined by the lumens of the bulb and also by the number of lighting fixtures you install. If you have a dark kitchen, you should install many lighting fixtures.

Tips for Installing Under Cabinet Lighting for Countertop

When installing any light fixtures under the cabinet, ensure that it is positioned at the front-there are different fixture options for your cabinets. A plug-in fixture is the best for short runs in the under-cabinet lighting, while the hardwired fixtures are appropriate for the entire kitchen.

1. Under Cabinet Wired Lighting

It is imperative to have a code-compliant power source when installing the hardwired option, such as the light strips. The source of electricity should not be dedicated to other counter appliances or the refrigerator.


  • You can turn on the lights using a switch
  • The lights are easy to turn on and off
  • Are more durable


  • Requires professional setup
2. Plug-in Under Cabinet Lighting
These types of lighting options plug into an electrical outlet.  This kind of light is attractive in price and installation. You can install it easily by yourself.


  • Less expensive compared to the hardwired options.
  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Easy to install


  • You needs to hide the wires if you don’t want it to show under you cabinet.
  • socket is needed.
3. Battery Operated Lighting Fixtures

The battery-operated lighting fixtures are designed to offer flexibility. You don’t have to run and tap power cords. You don’t have to worry about having a power source in the cabinets.


  • Operate without electricity
  • It saves time and money
  • Our flexible options for your cabinets


  • You need to replace the batteries on a regular basis
  • You need to turn on each lighting fixture individually

Why are the LED Lights Ideal for Under Cabinet Lighting?

The LED lights are the most outstanding and will dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. They have an admirable light ambiance that helps to have a well-balanced area. Some of the advantages of selecting the LED lights include:

  • They are Energy Efficient Options

Compared to other traditional lighting fixtures, LED lights are energy efficient. They use minimal light compared to incandescent bulbs as their diode light is energy efficient. They can save an average of 75% energy compared to traditional lighting fixtures.

  • Have Special Effects

Another critical factor that makes the LED lights quite outstanding is their special effects. The effects help to give your space a charming and enchanting look. You can select from multiple options depending on the impact you want to achieve.

Also, there are multiple options you can select from, such as the strip, spot, and tape fixtures. You can discuss with a professional who will help you choose the best-LED lighting fixtures for your cabinets.

  • Durable

The lifespan of the LED lights is relatively superior. The average lifespan of a LED light is an average of 50,000 hours. Ideally, it means that the fixtures can last for an average of six to twelve years. Their lifespan is 40 times more than that of incandescent bulbs.

In Concludsion

Installing lights under cabinets is an efficient method to create a modern design and style in your home. It makes the room look artistic and unique. The lights help to remove any shadows in the working area and offer a superior lighting design. It also enhances the interior value of your home by ensuring your space looks more prominent.

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