How to decorate your home with LED vintage bulbs?

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of steampunk style to your lighting scheme or hoping to evoke a vintage vibe, Edison bulbs are a unique way to brighten up any event or interior.

Why should we choose LED vintage bulbs?

1. Money Saver

If you would like to replace a traditional bulb with a LED vintage bulb, you can easily see that LED bulbs is a tremendous money saver.

  • Engry efficient —Saving at least 90% energy, and have the same design and shape as the traditional bulbs.
  • Reduce the risk of fire outbreak —Do not get extremely hot after being on for some time which can reduces the risk of fire outbreak or burns while changing them.
  • Long lifespan — 50,000 hours (LED bulbs) VS 1,200 hours (incandescent bulbs)



2. Provide an Aesthetic Appearance 

Since vintage LED bulbs produce lighting that looks pretty much like sunset or candle light, they can help improve the aesthetic quotient of any space in your home.



3. Available in a Range of Designs

You can purchase vintage LED bulbs in a range of designs and styles. They are available as Edison bulbs, oversize bulbs, and globes — and are a perfect choice for pendant lights and chandeliers.

Choose the right color temperature for your home.

1.When are you at home the most? 

If you are at home mostly in the evenings, then warmer color temperatures, such as 2700K warm white LED bulbs, are likely the best option. They are more relaxing, less likely to disrupt your sleep patterns and will provide a similar glow to traditional 60 watt incandescent bulbs.

2.When do you use your lighting the most? 

5000K LED daylight bulbs might be a good idea in an office that you use primarily during the daytime, but if you have enough daylight coming in from your windows, consider warmer-temperature bulbs instead that will be more comfortable at night.

3.What are the colors of your walls, floor, ceiling and furnishings? 

If your home is full of cool colors like black, blue, green or crisp whites, a cool color temperature such as 3000K or even 3500K LED bulbs might be the best bet to complement your decor.

4.What is the style of your home? 

Traditional and transitional homes typically look best under 2700K LED warm white, because they produce a glow that is closer to candlelight, firelight and gas light once used in classic houses.


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