Why should we choose sensor lights

Sensor lights are smart lighting devices that not only save energy and are convenient, but also improve home safety. Before using sensor lights, you first need to install them correctly. This blog will introduce the installation process of sensor lights, recommend some brands, and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the Asoko brand, as well as the usage scenarios and prices of sensor lights.

Table of Contents

1.How to install sensor lights?

2.Which brands of sensor lights are good?

3.Advantages and Disadvantages of Asoko Brand Sensor Lights

4.Usage scenarios of sensor lights

5. Conclusion

1. How to install sensor lights?

Wireless sensor lights are mainly easy to install and generally include the required small accessories.Determine the installation location: Choose an appropriate location based on actual needs, taking into account factors such as lighting range and human activity distance.

2. Which brands of sensor lights are good?

Asoko: This is a well-known brand from China that sells its high-quality smart lighting products globally.

Aisilan: This brand has more than 20 years of experience in the production of lighting products, and its products are known for their high performance and high quality.

Philips: As a world-renowned lighting brand, Philips is a leader in smart lighting technology.

Xiaomi: Xiaomi is an electronic equipment manufacturer from China whose smart lighting products are extremely cost-effective.

3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Asoko Brand Sensor Lights


(1) Power saving: Asoko induction lights use LED light source technology, which has the characteristics of low power consumption and long life;

(2) Human body sensing: The sensor can detect the range of human body activities and automatically turn on or off;

(3) Easy to install: Asoko’s sensor lights adopt a wireless design and are easy to install and remove;

(4) Adjustable brightness: Users can adjust the brightness as needed.


(1) High price: Due to the use of advanced LED technology and wireless design, the price is relatively high.

4. Usage scenarios of sensor lights

Corridor and stair areas;

Living areas such as bedrooms and living rooms;

Storage rooms, garages and other areas rarely visited by people;

Large buildings such as commercial places.

5. Price of sensor lights

Different brands and models of sensor lights have different prices, generally around $30-100.


Sensor lights are a very practical and intelligent lighting device that can automatically detect the range of human activity and automatically turn on or off, greatly improving the safety and comfort of homes and commercial places. Of course, when choosing, you need to choose the appropriate brand and model according to your specific needs, and install and use them correctly.

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