How to choose a nice under-cabinet lighting?

The radiance and beauty of having under cabinet lighting in your home space like the meal preparation area can’t be emphasized enough. It provides a well-lit room atmosphere that makes it easy to go about your activities.


  • Things to consider when choosing an under cabinet light for your home.
  • Our pick for the most popular under-cabinet lighting.

People don’t pay attention to under-cabinet lighting as much as they do to lighting in other areas of the house. However, installing a lighting system under your work cabinet, kitchen cabinet, bathroom shelf, etc., provides gentle lighting that doesn’t strain the eyes like most overhead lights.

Nonetheless, several under-cabinet products are available in the market that you can buy and install on your furniture. Sadly, some products are not durable for use and are worth buying. Hence, we have put together this guide to show you the best and most popular under-cabinet lighting for your house.

Things to consider when buying under-cabinet lighting

There are a few things to consider when selecting under-cabinet lighting for your home to ensure you get the expected results. Some are:

  1. The type of under-cabinet lighting you want

3 options are available for the types of under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen, workspace, etc.

  • Under cabinet Puck lights – Puck light is the best option for homeowners who desire a bright and pointed light outlet. It doesn’t produce a harsh light glareas stationed towards the center where it is needed. Most times, it comes circular and fits flat into the surface of the furniture.
  • Under cabinet Light bars – Light bars are rectangular-shaped lights that cover a more wide area of space. They can be as long as you want, depending on your preference, and they can be visible under the cabinet. Likewise, some users prefer LED linear lightingin their space for a great ambiance. Under the cabinet light bars can be connected with cables, linking every light bar to a single light system.
  • Under cabinet Tape light – Tape lights are durable, lightweight, and easy-to-install lights connected to a power source via a wired cable or plug. They are not the best for brightness, but they can get the lighting job done. Also, the tape’s light size makes it a considerable option for small under-cabinet spaces, and you can style the tape as you like.
  1. Size of the under-cabinet light

Under cabinet lights vary in size, depending on how much space you have to install them and how big you want. Good under-cabinet lighting should stay hidden in the cabinet or not easily accessible to ensure fitting and safety.

Also, the desired under-cabinet lighting size can determine the type of lighting you need to get. It helps you achieve better lighting quality.

  1. Power outlet for the under cabinet light – It is essential to consider how to get the under cabinet lighting plugged into a power supply. Even though some LED lights are chargeable, it is still essential to consider how you want the lighting to be. For instance, an under-cabinet lighting system for your kitchen can be plugged into a power source via a plug-in switch or direct wire.

Likewise, you can connect to a dimmable LED lighting system to help regulate the intensity of the under-cabinet light.

The above details will help you understand how to choose the best under-cabinet lighting for your home.

Our recommendation for the most popular under-cabinet lighting

After going through numerous testing processes and research, we can narrow down the choices of the best and most popular lighting for your under-cabinet.

Our best pick is:

ASOKO Plug-in LED Under Cabinet Lighting with 3 Colors Adjustable – 3 Pcs

Price: $32.9

The ASOKO Plug-in LED under-cabinet lighting kit is a durable and affordable lighting option for your kitchen, workspace, and home. It produces well above 1200 units of luminous flux that can easily illuminate your home spaces such as kitchens, workspaces, etc.

The product comes in three different colors (Warm white, Neutral white, and Daylight white), dimmable Led cabinet lighting bars, and it’s made from safe materials.

Some notable features of the ASOKO Plug-in LED under cabinet lighting are:

Easy installation – You can install the ASOKO Plug-in LED under cabinet LED bar light easily beneath your cabinet by screwing it into the cabinet with specific screws that comes with the kit. Also, you can use the backing adhesive you can stick to the cabinet, which allows you to strap the bar light to your cabinet. These installers are in the kit.

Uses a dimmer switch – The ASOKO Plug-in LED lighting kit comes with a dimmer switch that allows you to increase the light intensity from 0-100 and vice versa. It makes it easier to control the amount of light that shines on your surface, depending on the task.

Dual power usage options – Users can choose from the two power cable options available for connecting the LED bar lights. One is to connect the AC adapter included in the kit to the under cabinet bar lights, then plug it into a power outlet. Another option is running a wire for the light bars into the home electrical system.

There are lots of other features in the ASOKO Plug-in LED under cabinet lighting.


  • Lightweight LED bars.
  • Affordable and durable for almost any consumer.
  • Uses a dimmer switch to control light intensity.
  • Comes with 3 pieces of 12 Inches Light Bars for better coverage.


  • Dimmer is not easy to operate and doesn’t dim completely.
  • The user manual doesn’t have enough information about how to use the product.

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Other recommendations for under-cabinet lighting include:

  1. ASOKO Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting with Touch Switch, UNO PRO-TS Series(Cold White 6000K)

The product has a built-in blue light spot touch sensor that allows you to control the light. Also, it is dimmable with memory function, making it easy to retain the last light settings.

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  1. Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Lighting Plug in,Cool White 6000K,3 Pcs Linkable

Price: $29.99

The under cabinet lighting has 1140LM and 6000K cool white light, it is dimmable with memory function, and easy to assemble.

Check on Asokohome 

Under Cabinet Lighting


Undoubtedly, you have learned about the most popular and best under-cabinet lighting. Also, some things to consider when buying under-cabinet lighting.

Under-cabinet lighting is essential in your kitchen and workspace. It illuminates the space underneath the cabinet to help you get your tasks done under clear lighting.

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