How Long do Battery-Powered Under-Cabinet Lights Last?

Wireless under-cabinet lighting has appeared to offer your space sophisticated illumination and make your life a lot easier regarding their installation and total function overall. Convenience, practicality, and effectiveness make up the triptych that characterizes them.

By providing a quick and handy source of light that is at the same time affordable and trouble-free in its fitting they seem to have already conquered the market of home lighting.

However, batteries don’t last forever (unfortunately) and to prolong their lifespan users should keep in mind to switch them off frequently. And also take heed of their maintenance.

In this article, you will find out how long battery-powered under-cabinet lights last and a lot more about this revolutionary way of lighting.

What is Battery-Operated Under-Cabinet Lighting?

First things first though. Before diving deep into the subject, let’s get to know more about this rather revolutionary method of home lighting.

Battery-operated cabinet light fixtures are actually small, non-wired lights that operate without the use of electricity. Their power supply simply comes from batteries. This makes them easier to handle and to install wherever you choose to have a focused beam of light for executing specific tasks like preparing your food, washing the dishes, picking up the clothes you want to wear, or simply avoiding the intense and harsh rays of light that come from your central ceiling bulbs.

Battery-powered under-cabinet lights provide your space with an atmospheric aura making it cozier while adding a more luxurious touch to your home environment. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about opening holes in your walls, or cutting shelves to pass cables through. They are adhesive (they stick to the undersides of the shelves) which makes them the ideal solution if you rent a property. Which means that you get to uninstall your wireless under-cabinet lighting if you relocate and reuse them in your new space. Simple as that.

How many kinds of Battery-Operated Under-Counter Lighting exist?

Regarding the batteries under-cabinet outlets use 

Well, there are two types of battery-operated wireless under-cabinet lighting as far as the type of battery is concerned. The first type is powered by AA or AAA batteries. You buy the batteries that are required for this type according to the manufacturer and you replace them once they die.

The second type, on the contrary, runs on rechargeable batteries. This type of cabinet light fixture proves to be a better and more cost-effective option since you get to recharge the batteries every time they lose their initial power.  

One thing that should also be mentioned, is that both types can come with a remote controller or a sensor. In that way, you can control your display cabinet lighting with just a click or with your hand’s plain movement. No need to search for on-off switches nearby. And they can have dimmable modes also for you to choose the illumination’s intensity.

Regarding the under-cabinet outlets’ style 

You can select between linear or puck lights when it comes to the fixture’s style.

Linear wireless under-cabinet lights are placed in a row and provide a stretching illusion under your shelves.

Puck lights, on the contrary, are round or oval singular fixtures that send off focused beams of light under your cabinets.

How Long Does Battery-Powered Under-Shelf Lighting Last?

Battery-powered under-cabinet lights

The most common duration of battery-operated under-cabinet lights reaches about 100 hours. However, the battery’s lifespan depends entirely on how often you use your lights. If you leave them on all night, for example, you can understand for yourself that you will have to go for a “refill” in a few days.

If you have your light(s) on for 2 hours per day, on the other hand, then they may last up to 45 days or even reach 2 months.

It is crucial therefore to remember to switch your lights off when you don’t you’re your display cabinet lighting or when you leave the room to stop the power supply from the batteries and save precious power.

Rechargeable under-cabinet outlets

If you go for rechargeable wireless under-cabinet lighting, on the other hand, you’ll have a prolonged lifespan because the batteries are recharged in this case until they totally cease to function and operate.

The light of the rechargeable types can last up to 6 to 12 hours of constant lighting, starting from a full charge and before needing to be connected with the charger again. Overall, their lifespan surpasses greatly that of plain battery-operated under-cabinet lights.

Extra tips: 

  • Keep in mind that if you are on the quest for battery-powered under-cabinet outlets, you should double-check the specifications about the recommended battery size as well as the estimated duration of the product overall.
  • Take also into consideration that when selecting lowes under-cabinet lighting, especially for your kitchen, make sure the fixture’s color temperature resembles the one of your central light. Conflicting color temperatures might tire your eyes and surely won’t create a better lighting situation.

What to consider when in search of Battery-Operated Counter Lights?

A long battery life should be the first thing to search for and ensure when looking for battery-operated display cabinet lighting. However, other characteristics are also important, including:

  • The product’s overall lifetime
  • The lights’ size
  • The fixture’s style
  • The light’s output regarding both its color temperature and brightness
  • The fixture’s installation process

It should be noted also that most – if not all – wireless under-cabinet lighting use led technology. Led lighting is brighter, lasts longer, is carbon-free, and is more cost-efficient, making the option of under-cabinet led lighting probably the best one for your space.

In Conclusion

So, now that you have gained a clearer picture of how long the wireless under-cabinet lighting lasts, you can decide on how many of these fixtures you want to place in your home, be it your kitchen, your bathroom, or your wardrobe and bedroom, and take proper care of them so you can enjoy their sophisticated and modern illumination of your space longer.

In the market, you will find a wide range of battery-operated cabinet light fixtures to lift up the look of your cabinets and design your home lighting to your preferences. So, why wait?

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