Do you know Asoko lighting?

Sensor lights are smart lighting devices that not only save energy and are convenient, but also improve home safety. Before using sensor lights, you first need to install them correctly. This blog will introduce the installation process of sensor lights, recommend some brands, and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the Asoko brand, as well as the usage scenarios and prices of sensor lights.

Table of Contents

1.Asoko Brand Lighting Introduction

2.Promotions during October Member’s Day


Asoko Brand Lighting Introduction

Asoko is a modern lighting brand from China that is committed to providing consumers with high-quality, fashionable lighting products. Its design philosophy combines art and mechanics to create simple yet beautiful products while prioritizing energy conservation and environmental protection.

Asoko’s lighting styles are diverse, including chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, etc., suitable for different occasions and spaces. Its products are made of high-quality materials such as aluminum alloy, acrylic, and glass. In addition, Asoko offers multiple color and size options to meet the personalized needs of different people for home decoration.

In addition to its focus on stylish and high-quality design, Asoko also emphasizes user experience. Its products are easy to install and can achieve remote or line-controlled dimming, greatly enhancing the user experience.

Promotions during October Member's Day

During the upcoming October Member’s Day event, Asoko will offer a variety of promotions for consumers. The following are the details:

  1. Up to 20% discount off all items: During October Member’s Day event period 1st – 7th Oct 2021 purchase any Asoko lighting product in their website or store showrooms and get up to 20% off discount on your order value.

  2. Receive valuable coupons along with purchases: During the October Member’s Day event period- purchase above a certain amount of Asoko lighting products in their website or showroom stores and receive corresponding coupons that provide discounts on your next purchases.

  3. Win ASOKO brand gifts with specific product purchases: Purchase any lamp from small deer series, petal series or fairy ball series during this month end sale season to be eligible for winning ASOKO brand gifts by using the provided promotion code at checkout process in website or store showrooms.

  4. Get free new product testing opportunities: During this exclusive member day sale period, Asoko will introduce new products and offer free testing opportunities for specific consumers. By filling out relevant information and submitting an application, you have the chance to become a member of the Asoko new product testing team, and be among the first to learn, experience and evaluate the brand-new Asoko lighting products.


Asoko is a modern lighting brand that focuses on design, quality, and user experience. If you are looking for high-quality, fashionable and practical lighting products, then October Member’s Day event is the best time to shop. During the event period 1st – 7th Oct 2021 , consumers can enjoy up to 20% off discounts or get coupons on purchases above specified amount of money spent in their website or showroom stores. You may also be eligible for winning ASOKO brand gifts or getting free new product testing opportunities. As a brand that prioritizes user experience and quality, Asoko will continue to provide better products and services for consumers.

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