Why you need under-cabinet lighting?

The lighting application known as “under cabinet lighting” offers a great deal of convenience and practicality.  However, compared to a regular light bulb that screws into a fixture, the installation process is a little bit more complicated. This guide has been compiled to assist you in selecting appropriate under-cabinet lighting.


Table of Contents

1. Why use the Kitchen Cabinet Lights?

2. Factors to Consider When Selecting Under Cabinet Lights?

3. Best Kitchen under cabinet lighting to use?

Why use the Kitchen Cabinet Lights?

As the title indicates, the kitchen under-cabinet lighting is positioned beneath a row or portion of cabinets to brighten the area below them. Most homeowners put them to good use in their kitchens, providing much-needed light during meal preparation. The lighting found under cabinets offers several essential benefits.

Under-cabinet lighting is a resourceful option since it can be directly fitted under a permanently established cabinet. For this reason, when factoring in the entire price of the materials, under-cabinet lighting can be an excellent choice.

Modest lights installed under cabinets might save a lot of electricity. Kitchen under cabinet lighting provides illumination where needed most without producing an excess of “wasted” light that travels to unintended areas of the space, which is what we mean by “efficiency” in this context.

Under-cabinet lighting saves much energy compared to traditional illumination sources like ceiling or table lamps. Lighting installed under cabinets adds a nice visual touch. In addition to raising your home’s resale value, upgrading your kitchen’s lighting may make the space feel more welcoming and cheerful. The fact that under-cabinet lighting is installed on the bottoms of cabinets makes this an excellent option for those who value modesty.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Under Cabinet Lights?

Proper under-cabinet lighting installation can increase the usability of rooms like kitchens and the amount of available light in those rooms. When selecting lighting for under cabinets, there are a few factors to bear in mind, just as there are when selecting lighting for any other job.

Simple Setup Requirements

In many houses, the wiring necessary for under-cabinet lighting needs to be installed. And if you’re a do-it-yourselfer like most people, you probably need to be more excited about shelling out hundreds of dollars to have an electrician install cables and plugs.


The excellent thing is that you really can install lighting under your cabinets on your own by selecting LED strip or rope lights. These lights often come with sticky tape and can be plugged into any standard outlet. Under-cabinet lighting that operates on a low voltage is yet another fantastic option.


If you want to be able to put several smaller light fixtures into a congested area, low-voltage lighting is an excellent choice. Because they generate less heat, working in a room illuminated by one of these lights results in a more pleasant experience overall.

On the other hand, fittings that operate at the line or standard voltage do not require a transformer, making their installation much quicker.


When shopping for lights to go beneath cabinets, it’s smart to look for fixtures with a dimmer switch. The ability to brighten or dim the lighting will make your kitchen more versatile, but they will be more expensive.

Fixture Lenses

The light emitted from a light fixture can be more evenly distributed when a fixture lens is commonly made of plastic or glass. These are fantastic for generating a consistent light distribution, decreasing glare, and eliminating brilliant reflections on kitchen counters and tiles. 

Best Kitchen under cabinet lighting to use?

Low Voltage Kitchen under cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting in its traditional form is hardwired into your home’s electrical system, which is inconvenient and requires an electrician’s assistance. Traditional lighting for under cabinets can be a nuisance to install, especially if you are uncomfortable working with electricity and trying to install it yourself.

You will need to drill holes in the surfaces, run wiring through your cabinets, and damage your walls. Installing lighting in a low-voltage kitchen under cabinet lighting is the answer to these issues. It is unnecessary to run wires or make any other kinds of permanent alterations to your property to install low voltage under cabinet lighting.

After plugging it into a regular socket, the LED light bar may be easily installed. In addition, our low-voltage kitchen under cabinet lighting is offered in various designs to accommodate any interior decoration scheme. The installation of low-voltage lighting underneath your cabinets is the ideal answer if you want to brighten up your kitchen in a simple and aesthetically pleasing way.

Our low-voltage kitchen under cabinet lights is the best pick among homeowners and renters due to the ease and the variety of available looks.

In addition to this, they consume extremely little energy, which means that you will see a reduction in the cost of your monthly electric bill.

Why Use Low Voltage Kitchen Under Cabinet Lighting?

Low-voltage lighting has a number of advantages.

Low Heat Contribution

Low voltage lights, in contrast to most of their contemporaries, including halogen or incandescent bulbs, are not hot to the touch or contribute only negligible heat to the atmosphere around them.

When installed under cabinets, this is a good feature because low-voltage lights do not add to the kitchen’s heat and do not create any kind of heat threat. In addition, low-voltage lights do not emit any type of heat.


Low voltage under cabinet lights are often more compact than standard incandescent light bulbs; they may be utilized in a greater variety of settings and are, therefore, more versatile.


You can install them in confined areas, places that are difficult to access, and other nooks where other types of lights cannot be installed because they are too huge. Users can access a more diverse selection of light bulbs when using low-voltage lighting.

Simple Setup Requirements

When you buy low-voltage lights at asokohome or a home improvement store, you can also pick up a fast installation manual to go along with these to help direct you through the process of putting the lights up.


It is wise to update the kitchen under cabinet lights since doing so can improve the practicality of the space and its overall appearance. Installing kitchen under-cabinet lighting that operates on a low voltage will be an excellent choice.

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