What kind of under cabinet lighting best for use?

There’s a plethora of options for under cabinet LED lighting, but to save you some time and ease a little stress, we’ve created this complete guide to choose the under cabinet LED lighting best for you.

hardwire Under Cabinet Lighting

Why cabinet lights?

Under cabinet LED lighting can add many benefits to your space. It’s incredible how much great lighting can change your space.

1. Kitchen under cabinet led lighting can brighten kitchen countertops and work areas with clean, crisp lighting 

2. Create pleasant, inviting spaces using beautiful warm LED cabinet lighting 

3. Personalize interior cabinet light fixtures design to match your style 

4. Get rid of shadows in neglected, dimly-lit rooms

5. Inside cabinet lighting adds a high-end appeal to your home or business 

What are the types of under counter lighting?

First of all, you have to know different kinds of led under cabinet lighting hardwired, and then know the actual lighting effect, lighting scope, appearance of different types of under cabinet LED lighting, and other information, only to find their favorite best under cabinet LED lighting in several lighting to make their own space surrounded by the beautiful light, warm the whole day.

1. LED layer board double-side LED lamp

2. LED-embedded bar lamp

3. Kicking panel LED light

4. Hand-free LED double-side light-emitting hanging cabinet floor lamp

5. Special LED induction lamp in cabinet door

6. Led lamp with front laminate

7. Drawer LED induction lamp

LED layer board double-side LED cabinet lighting

The cabinet lights shines up and down and is installed directly behind the laminate. 

Laminate is an indispensable part of custom-made furniture, it is parallel to the interior space of the furniture with the help of straight lines, to solve the problems of display and storage, after the laminate LED cabinet lighting, is a perfect solution to the cabinet aesthetic issues.

LED is a new concept of the solid-state light source. With its incomparable advantages in energy conservation, environmental protection, long life, high controllability, and other technologies, LED has become one of the most promising new technologies in the world in recent years. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, its application fields are constantly being expanded, including panel lamps. LED cabinet lightings are high-end cabinet light fixtures, whose outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodizing. The whole LED cabinet lighting design is beautiful and simple, grand and luxurious. It has both a good lighting effect and a beautiful feeling. The panel lamp design is unique. The light passes through the light guide plate with high transmittance to form a uniform plane luminous effect. The illumination is uniform, soft, comfortable, and bright, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue. The panel lamp can also prevent radiation, and will not stimulate the skin of pregnant women, the elderly, children, etc, Widely used in real life.

High-quality laminate under cabinet LED lighting can enhance the texture of furniture, too dark or too cold furniture, in this small embellishment, can also harvest visual enjoyment, not to mention the actual effect of use.

To meet the most original reception function, double-sided laminate LED cabinet lighting shows a highly decorative, the light source shines on both sides when facing up and down, lighting two spaces at the same time.

Too complex a LED cabinet lighting body design will disturb the integrity of the furniture, in the design concept of double-side laminate LED cabinet lighting, simplicity and practicality is the core, and the perfect combination with furniture is the design objective, so it’s easier to install with the light wire hidden.

From the point of view of more convenient use, double-sided laminate under cabinet LED lighting can also be connected to the human body, hand sweep, and door touch sensors, to achieve different effects of the switch mode, luminaires are full of infinite possibilities. 

The figure of the double-sided laminate LED cabinet lighting can appear anywhere. The open wardrobe, bathroom lockers, hallway porch storage space, kitchen storage cabinets and laminates, closed balcony lockers, etc. can more effectively light up the space, which will make the home look warm and full of vitality. 

Some points for attention

1. How thick is the LED layer board double-side under cabinet LED lighting you need? It depends on how thick your cabinets are. 

2. Which color temperature do you like? There is usually warm white light, natural light, and white light.

Embedded LED cabinet lighting

Embedded LED under cabinet strip lighting is generally installed at the bottom of the kitchen wall cabinet. The lamp is an inductive LED cabinet lighting, which can be lit when people stand nearby and slide by hand. 

Minimalism light enhances the beauty of the space:

Faced with a variety of bookcases, wine cabinets, and television cabinets, traditional under cabinet LED lighting are difficult to meet the needs of personalized, and embedded bar cabinet lights can be embedded freely, the extra light will be hidden between the laminate, creating the atmosphere of the space with rhythmic light and shapes. 

While meeting the LED cabinet lighting requirements, combined with the people-oriented design concept, bring a comfortable aesthetic through the minimalist lines, so that the decoration on the cabinet more light, and stylish.

In the modern living environment, beauty and functionality are just needed, and so is the environmental protection of materials. If you want a beautiful, environment-friendly, practical, intelligent, simple, and lightweight embedded strip LED cabinet lighting, you must know embedded strip LED cabinet lighting.

Some points for attention

Embedded bar LED cabinet lighting was mounted in two steps

1. Confirm the grooving size and mounting position, note that the LED cabinet lighting tank length is 12mm shorter than the total length of the lamp body

2. Install the shrapnel on the body of the under cabinet LED lighting and fix it by pressing the warhead to gently push the strip into the reserved tank.

Kicking panel LED cabinet lighting

Kicking LED cabinet lighting is used mainly for a small amount of activity during the night, such as going to the bathroom, but turning on ceiling lamps during the night can affect others to rest.

At present, a large number of efforts have been initiated to adopt LED cabinet lighting as their lighting source. It emits subdued light, and low radiation has a low failure rate, is convenient for maintenance, has a low temperature, long life, and has low electricity consumption. (super power saving: even if leaving the light on all night and calculating in terms of 1 W, it is 0.01 kilowatt-hours a night, 3 kilowatt-hours a month), protection level IP64, there are red, yellow, blue, green, white, and seven color discolorations, which are made by casting aluminum and steel glass, which are provided in common hospital wards. it is also suitable for hotel corridors, squares, gardens, indoor lighting, street lighting, etc.

Product characteristics:

1, LED cabinet lighting sources are long-lived, which don’t need to be replaced unless accident, once constructed, and used for several years.

2, Low power consumption, don’t need to pay high electrical charges for brightening, aestheticization, which are not battery powered under cabinet lights with high electricity consumption.

3, Waterproof, dust protection, pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance, the kicking panel LED cabinet lighting generally mounted at a height of 20 cm from the ground.

Some points for attention

  1. Footlights are recommended to be mounted within a 20-40cm height of the ground, it is to avoid the above cabinet lighting getting kicked.
  2. Regardless of the condition, non of the luminaires can be covered by insulation liners or similar materials.Especially lowe’s under cabinet lighting.

Hand-free double-side light-emitting hanging LED cabinet floor lighting

Scope of application:

what is said above is LED cabinet lighting which is mounted behind the laminate. This LED cabinet lighting is installing under cabinet lighting in front of the laminate, directly clamped in the hanging cabinet, or glued on the cabinet bottom plate with double-sided adhesive. It applies to the side of the wall cabinet base plate or the light strip of the partition plate in the cabinet.


The LED cabinet lighting can simultaneously illuminate the bottom plate of the hanging cabinet and the workbench under the hanging cabinet, can also be placed at the front end of the partition board in the hanging cabinet, and simultaneously illuminates the upper and lower areas of the partition board. The lighting area is very wide and practical.


Product characteristics

  1. A two-sided luminescent design, the LED cabinet lighting can simultaneously illuminate the interior and the bottom of the hanging cabinet.


  1. TheLED cabinet lighting is hidden puller-free design, aesthetics, and utility.


  1. Built-in hand-sweeping sensing board can be added to facilitate intelligence.


  1. Snap-on mounted without grooving, quick mounting, simple, and easy to use.

Special induction under cabinet LED lighting

Single induction can be selected if a single door or drawer is in place, or select dual induction if there’s a double door, the entire cabinet will be lightening when opens a door. Such inside under cabinet lighting is mounted in the opposite door, which can be illuminated by opening one side door.


This type of inside under cabinet LED lighting, like the one handed out above, inside cabinet lighting allows for the placement of lights anywhere inside the cabinet, such as behind and in front of the cabinet partitions, or even elsewhere, whereas the inductor simply needs to be mounted in the cabinet door or drawer port. The sensors will light the entire cabinet a little bit after you pull a drawer or open the cabinet, and it’s working quite well. If you want to be more aesthetically pleasing and display cabinet lighting, the cabinet’s color and the color of the lights can be paired accordingly to achieve a better aesthetic outcome.


Cabinet door induction lights with new high-efficiency white light LED technology, energy saving and explosion-proof, suitable for all kinds of places to use: secondary infrared detection and induction technology high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability.Fast reaction rate and other characteristics: features such as a fast reaction rate: under cabinet LED lightings will turn on when the cabinet door is open and will turn off when the door is closed; humanized design, aluminum alloy shell design, delicate fashion; hidden type fixed, which can be mounted with as few as 2 screws; such IR inductive LED cabinet lightings are widely used in such spaces as closets, cupboards, and bookcases.


LED cabinet door induction lightings have many advantages

  1. When someone enters the sensing range of the switch, a dedicated sensor detects changes in the human IR spectrum and the switch automatically turns on the load. When a man arrives, the LED cabinet lighting is on; when he leaves, the LED cabinet lighting is off.
  2. Zero-crossing detection function: contactless electronic switch, that extends the service life of the load.
  3. Photosensitivity control is applied, switches are automatically metered, and light is not perceived when it is intense.

Front laminate LED cabinet lighting

LED cabinet lighting can be lodged directly in the lateral laminate, the light illuminates from outside to inside after opening, and the light fitting the lamina and spread out, refracted downward illuminating the cabinet room space.

Installing front laminate under cabinet lighting is very convenient and does not require drilling, pasting, and fixation. It simply incorporates into the furniture using a nested technique between luminaires, achieving a perfect integration of luminaires with the furniture. And the LED cabinet lighting is mounted on the front of the laminates with inward illumination of light to directly illuminate items in cabinets and cabinets, providing sufficient brightness out of users’ sight, it won’t stimulate human eyes.

Front laminate Led cabinet lighting is very suitable for cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, and other furniture local cabinet lights. Practical and texture. It blends perfectly with the furniture laminate, creating a high-level lighting atmosphere without the need for a lamp that dazzling your eyes.

Drawer LED cabinet induction lighting

Drawer LED induction LED cabinet lighting is installed inside the drawer.

In the dark of the night, you don’t need to turn on the light to look for things in the drawer. The LED cabinet lighting sensor in the drawer will automatically detect and illuminate, making it easier to find things in the cabinet. When the drawer is closed, the LED cabinet lighting is automatically turned off. The drawer LED induction lamp is also very good under cabinet lighting.

These are the seven different types of cabinet light fixtures introduced in this issue, as well as their installation location, characteristics, and advantages. So, what’s your type?

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