We Love Testing – FREE Product Testing

We love testing is a program for our VIP members who love to review products and share their discoveries with us. As participants, members can get free product samples and share their feedback in the community, on social media, and in other online spaces. Check RULES to know how this works.
Just Simply choose one of the items below, click “Apply to test“, and we will reach out to send you the sample. 

Active Testing


3 Clolors Rechargeable Light Bar

Sale Price: $19.99

Testers Required: 5


Full-screen Motion Sensor Light

Sale Price: $27.99

Testers Required: 11



Touch Control  Rechargeable Closet Light

Sale Price: $24.99

Testers Required: 11


16inch Motion Sensor Light

Sale Price:$24.99

Tester Required: 6

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